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Power Content Links Manager

In this section, you’ll learn about the Power Content “Links Manager”, what it does, and how to work with it.

links manager popup

So let’s dive into it:

Power Content’s “Links Manager” is basically a feature that allows you to link to other pages of your website without looking or building a full and hard URL like: option=com_epc&view=item&id= … You know the drill.

Links manager will do all that for you. The only thing you will need to do is search for the page you want to link to and select it (by simply clicking its name). This means a couple of things:

  • You can develop the website and include all the links even on your local server or staging server. Once you deploy the website to production, all the links will work properly out of the box.
  • Using the links manager, you will not get any duplicated pages, no itemdID pages nor any other issues common with the Joomla router. This is because the links manager is completely integrated into Power Content’s Router and links building methods.

Links manager will work with the following records: Items, Categories, Authors, Tags, and Menu Items. If you are a developer and want to inspect the code, it’s a trait in the frontend (components/com_epc/traits/linksBuilder.php) so knock yourself out.

The links manager operates in three areas:

  1. Inside the text editor, you will have an editor button that opens the links manager and enables you to insert those links into your content. More information about it and about the editor can be found at “Text Editor (WYSIWYG)” in the documentation. (Pictured above).
  2. As a content field (custom field of type link) that will allow you and your clients to easily link from anywhere to anywhere. Clicking the link icon (pictured below) will also open the popup and the above picture.
  3. Default links building for records in the frontend. It happens automatically. You won’t even notice, you will just get the right URLS all the time.

links manager field

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