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Power Content Features Roadmap

Updated: 19th July 2017

This roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for Power Content. Priorities can change as new challenges and requests come. For version specific changes visit the Power Content Changelog. Please note that this a features roadmap. It does not include bugs, as when a bug is reported, it is almost immediately get squashed.

Power Content aims to be the most powerful, flexible, and most easy-to-use of all other Content Extensions available for Joomla, paid or free. To achieve that, new features are being added every month. Don't hesitate to submit your ideas, requests and feedback!

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Projects currently in progress:

  • Add development framework and create an API to work with. 
    Due: Q3 2017
  • A complete refactor of the component to lay grounds for some advanced features.
     Due: Q3 2017
  • Refactor Power Debugger to support AJAX calls. 
    Due: Q4 2017
  • Create a migration plugin to allow users to import K2 or Joomla content to Power Content. 
    Due: Q4 2017
  • Add an editing bar to the frontend that allow create, read, update and delete of records directly from the frontend, using AJAX. 
    Due: Q4 2017

Projects Coming next:

  • Add a field of type "Module" to render modules directly from Power Content with JModule Helper, by position or ID
  • Allow multiple aliases if records are in different categories or fields are in different groups or assignments
  • Provide some more on page control as advanced options tab in the records themselves
  • Add a plugin to push Power Content to Joomla's top menu instead / with com_content for quick access
  • Allow creation of all records from all records using AJAX to quicken the workflow
  • Design some specific Power Content admin theme which is easier and quicker, and let users choose if they wish to use native Joomla or this theme
  • Add an option to quickly install "Demo" content and fields
  • Add a plugin to integrate Advanced Modules Manager with Power Content (or ask them to create one - either way, such a plugin should exist)
  • Add a system health and state checkup
  • Add a standard search plugin
  • Schedule publishing
  • Versions controls
  • Content filtering to fields
  • Add page events
  • Allow users to puzzle up their tables in the admin with different types of fields
  • Allow quick editing without ever getting in to the record

Completed Projects:

  • Refactor the saving process of the custom fields, add a fields relations table, many to many, instead of saving fields as JSON strings
  • Add a "SQL" field so Power Users can integrate Power Content with any other Joomla components
  • Add a "Relations" field to users can create specific relations between Power Content records
  • Add a code editor to Power Content's theme engine to allow users to write code without FTP access
  • Add Elfinder drag and drop media manager and improve its UI
  • Improve the routing trait to perfect the Joomla's built-in routing engine
  • Allow developers to add their own tabs with form or html to Power Content records in the backend
  • Create a dedicated SEO view so users will be able to see their on page SEO settings, and make sure they didn't miss anything
  • Add an option for automatic meta title and meta description population, add those settings to the configuration of the component
  • Add a new field of type "Head Tag" to insert GTM, Facebook Pixels and other scripts / styles / meta tags directly to the head of specific Power Content items, categories, authors or tags
  • Some admin modules: dashboard module for quick actions, latest comments dashboard module and statistics dashboard module
  • Add a Social Share plugin
  • Add a search module
  • Add items, categories, tags and comments modules to display anything, anywhere
  • Live search engine using Ajax, with options to include or exclude items by categories from the backend
  • Rich text editor that is integrated with all of Power Content's features such as the Links Manager and Media manager.
  • Allow users to choose if they wish to use Power Content's text editor, or their own text editor of choice using the Joomla editor settings in the global configuration
  • Multiple categories assignments for single items
  • Many to many tagging system powerful as items or categories, supporting custom fields and everything else
  • Nested categories with unlimited hierarchy
  • Three types of paginations: Load More button, Infinite Scroll and standard numbers and arrows
  • Commenting system using AJAX with admin notifications, nested comments and spam protection
  • Voting system using AJAX with admin notifications
  • Preview plugin for admins to see their pages before publishing
  • Dedicated admin view for documentation so users won't need to break their workflow (allow hiding this from Power Content's configuration)
  • Plugins events so Power Content can be extended