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I'm on a mission to help you
drive 110% out of Joomla.

Power Content is a CCK (Content Construction Kit) extension for the Joomla! CMS. It has been designed especially for developers, web masters, SEO experts, web designers and clients. It aims to be the most Powerful, Flexible, and Easy-to-use of all other Content Extensions available for Joomla, paid or free.

Power Content has been developed as a personal contribution to the amazing community of Joomla, and in order to help users take their websites to the next level. It has no competition in terms of possibilities, features, flexibility, simplicity and performance. As we all know - Joomla may definitely be the most powerful and flexible CMS in the world, but it also has many flaws. Here is where Power Content comes into play. The general concept behind it is to simply make Joomla websites development, maintenance, and management an easy and fast thing to do, almost no matter the size of the website or its required features.

My office

Nice to meet you, I'm Shir.

My name is Shir, and I’m the developer behind Ekerlabs and Power Content. I’ve started as a web designer, specialized in user experience and interfaces and soon, learnt front-end development and started bringing life to my own designs. Of course, if you aim to achieve the very best results out of your projects, front-end Is far from being enough. So, I’ve also acquired backend skills, and quickly became quite good at it. I kept maintaining and improving all of my skills for years, so today I’m a web designer, as well as a full-stack web developer.

I’m also an entrepreneur. Founded several successful companies over the years, one of them is a leading web design and development agency in Israel called Ekerbase ( The second is aikonCMS (, which is an awesome Joomla extensions development agency that was acquired back in 2016.

As of today, I’m the founder and CEO of Flippo ( an awesome startup that leverages Social Proof to increase sales in eCommerce websites.

I believe in standing out. And i stand out be insisting on pushing the boundries, and by delivering work of the highest quality, doesn't matter what the projects is. Whether it's a project for a client, a personal development (like Power Content) or a full-grown startup like Flippo. I believe that if you really put your heart in your projects, they'll always be a success.

Want to connect with me? Here's my LinkedIn and here's my personal email.

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