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Power Content has a new website,
a new logo and a new update!

By Shir Ekerling, Founder July 27, 2017

Hi guys! so after i officialy apologized for the delay in the latest update, I'd love to share with you some exciting new stuff about the Power Content project!

First of all - there's a brand new update. Version 1.0.8 is now stable and available for download. It mostly features bug fixes (like images not displaying in the media manager), some security updates and some features that you guys requested such as the ability to choose your preferred text editor (JCE or some other editor), as well as to allow the alias to be automatically populated by the title. There are 18 new additions, changes and fixes in this update, check out the changelog to learn some more.

Power Content New Website

Power Content has a new website and a new logo!

The biggest and most recognizable change is that the previous website was essentially a documentation website and nothing more. The new one provides much more information about the project and the extension, in a beautiful design and an easy interface. On top of that, there are two new and exciting sections, and a brand new Facebook Community Group:

Facebook Community Group:  I've created the new community so you guys can help each other with anything related to Power Content or even Joomla in general. I'm also there for discussions and help, of course. Visit the community group.

Power Content Extensions Directory: The extensions directory offers Power Content extension plugins, modules and components, as well as integrations with other components (like J2Store - Yes, you can use Power Content to build eCommerce websites). Each new Power Content extension i build, will be publish there. In addition, if you guys want to submit your Power Content extensions as well, you are most welcomed to do so! In the directory itself, you'll find a link to submit your extension. Note that it doesn't necessarily have to be free, you can charge for your extensions.

Power Content Websites Showcase: The showcase directory features websites that have been developed using Power Content. As of today, there are only my own projects there, but if you guys want to display your websites as well, just click the submit a website link in the showcase page. Why would you want to submit your website? First, you get more brand recognition - Power Content has over 5,000 downloads and it keeps becoming more and more popular. Second, you might get new projects out of it.

Another big change is the new logo! Some of you guys didn't really like the previous one, and for a good reason. I tried to design some "cool gradient" logo, but it turned out stuttering. The new logo is much more modern, i think. The "joint rings" to the left represent the flexibility of the system. What do you guys think about the new logo compared to the previous one? let me know in the comments!

New VS Old Logo

Have any questions? ask me in the comments!
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    August 23, 2017

    Flexible and extensible power content is a great help for Joomla.
    If you want to make a new website, you can do it perfectly with the power content.

    Thank you!

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