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I owe you guys an apology...

By Shir Ekerling, Founder July 26, 2017


I've released Power Content 6 month ago, with a big promise to make this project extremely active. I promised you that I'll release new features every month and that big updates, features and changes are coming. I kept my promise for about two month, and than i went silent. I know that i don't really "owe" anything to anyone, but when i commit to something, i never back away. 

So what happened? Well, in addition to the release of Power Content, I've also released Flippo ( which is my startup. We released our Beta product in February 2017, and we did much better than i expected. We had hundreds of requests from eCommerce companies to join our Beta, and of course, endless inputs regarding anything and everything. From design to features, to marketing and to our website. To meet the huge demand, we had to quickly recruit new stuff members and train them. Needless to say, this took a lot of time and effort. i found myself working on Flippo for about 13-15 hours a day, everyday, holidays and weekends included. And that is what kept me from further developing Power Content, or from having a life :)

Flippo Screenshot

And what about today?

Today, about 6 month later, Flippo is fully funded and fully stable. Of course, it is obviously still my biggest time consumer and for a good reason. We're working on Flippo full-time+++. Luckily, it is stable enough so that i can get back to my promise and keep developing Power Content further. In the past week I've released a new update squashing bugs and adding features (check out the changelog) and I've also created a new website (read more about the website and the update) that will help Power Content grow further. By the way - Power Content now has over 5,000 downloads, which is incredible!

In addition to the new website, there's also a new Facebook Community Group so you guys can help each other with anything related to Power Content or even Joomla in general. I'm also there for discussions and help, of course.

There are quite a few big updates and releases planned for the coming months, check out the features roadmap to learn some more. There's also a new integration plugin between Power Content and J2Store so you can now create eCommerce websites using Power Content. Check out the Power Content Extensions Directory.

Can such delay happen again? Well, it might. Flippo is a obviously a bigger commitment. But, Power Content will never be dropped out. Even if i face setbacks (and I'm sure that there will be such from time to time), I'll do the best i can to notify you guys about it, and to make even smaller releases. In any case, I plan to squash bugs almost instantly, so you don't need to worry about those at all. Power Content was, is and will always be my baby, and i won't stop making it better.

Have any questions? ask me in the comments!
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