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Introducing the Power Content Facebook community group!

By Shir Ekerling, Founder July 24, 2017

Many of you guys asked me to create a community, so we can all discuss features and bugs, exchange ideas, help each other with Power Content in particular and with Joomla in general. I thought that this was an excellent idea. Although it took me some time to execute it (here's the reason), the new Facebook Group for Power Content Community is finally up and running!

Help each other fly

It's about improving and helping each other fly!

This Facebook group is the cornerstone of the community. I plan to develop an on-site community too, something that combines a social network and a forum. That will likely happen in a few months, but until then (and even then), we'll have this new Facebook group. Don't hesitate to post questions and start discussions, it's here so that we can improve each other, and help each other create better projects!

Visit the Facebook Community Group

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